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On Time When You Want Us There

Compassionate, caring ideals

We are here to serve. This is an integral part of who we are. Our goal is to deliver a non-emergency patient transportation experience that is professional, caring, and beyond what is expected.

On time, 24/7.

Being on time is important. It is important to get patients to their appointments on time at the same time as being flexible to accommodate changes or appointments that might take longer because of the many situations that arise in the healthcare system. We have created our service to be on time.

Professional Team

Paramedics, firefighters and Emergency First Responders. Our great team of professionals have impeccable credentials. Combined with values of caring and compassion and ongoing training, MTS provides the ultimate in non-emergency patient transportation.

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State-of-the-art equipment Our vehicles are brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinters to provide maximum comfort, a smooth ride with specially designed interiors. READ MORE